PEGIDA Munich March 6th – Spraypainted Swastika & Thirteen Arrests

On March 6th the Munich branch of the racist PEGIDA movement gathered for a rally on Karlsplatz, Status in the city-center of Munich. Only 40 participants had come to join the protest. PEGIDA Munich has already shown in the past that they have no problem with confessing neo-nazis amongst them. A swastika was freshly spray-painted only a few meters off the demonstration. Opponents were arrested for approaching a group of neo-nazis standing a little off the rally.

Thirteen Arrests

Minutes after the PEGIDA rally began a group of neo-nazis that attend the demonstrations on a very regular basis showed up. Instead of joining the rally surrounded by a cage the group stood a little off. Soon the neo-nazis were discovered by counter-protestors. Those then approached with banners and shouted slogans. As the groups got into contact three of the neo-nazis pushed into the banners. Police forces intervened. Thirteen opponents were arrested and charged with breach of the peace. The neo-nazis were accompanied to the PEGIDA rally. This is especially precarious because members of exact this group have run into counter-protests of PEGIDA with banners several time. This led to clashes.

Freshly Spraypainted Swastika

Just minutes later two journalists discovered a freshly spray-painted swastika near were the neo-nazi group stood earlier. The paint was still wet. After reporting this to police officers standing by the two journalists were searched for spray cans. In a later given statement by press officer Markus Da Gloria Martins this lead to a discharge of the two. The swastika was later-on removed. During the same time the group of neo-nazis participated in the rally. Only one hour later two of them were controlled. If this search and interrogation is in connection to the clash or the spray-painting is unknown.

Short reportage about March 6th at PEGIDA Munich

All in all a freshly spray-painted symbol of hatred close to a PEGIDA rally seems very revealing.

PEGIDA Munich’s 2nd Anniversary

On Monday January 16th PEGIDA gathered on Marienplatz in Munich for the racist group’s second anniversary. Antifascists gathered on Odeonsplatz to hold a counter-demonstration. At least 500 participated in the loud rally. Arriving at Rindermarkt, close to Marienplatz where the PEGIDA rally was held, a flare was lit.
Participating in the racist PEGIDA rally with the party’s banner, jackets and flags were activists of neo-nazi party ‘Der III. Weg’. During the rally p
olice ripped away banners of counter protestors  declaring those are not necessary for democratic protest. This ended in commotion.

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PEGIDA Munich Joins ‘Patriotic Forces’ with Neonazi Parties

PEGIDA Munich gathers once again on Odeonsplatz. Approximately 70 participated in the far-right rally. With the date of PEGIDA Munich’s second birthday approaching the movement has once more shown its far-right neonazi believes. Karl-Heinz Statzberger, ‘Der III. Weg’ and Karl Richter, ‘BIA’ held speeches. Flyers of the neonazi party ‘III. Weg’ were thrown.


On the gloomy night of December fifth once again PEGIDA participants gather to rally. The same people as every week join. Amongst participants as usually violent neonazis like Dan Eising, Petra K., Tirza M., Karl-Heinz Statzberger, Karl Richter and many more. The only premiere on this Monday night: Karl-Heinz Statzberger, convicted neonazi terrorist and local leader of the neonazi party ‘Der III. Weg’, steps up front and is handed a microphone. Content of the speech: The neonazi party ‘Der III. Weg’, their ‘mission’ of aiding refugees in Syria to keep them from fleeing to Europe and in the end he salutes with the parties greetings:

Fürs Vaterland? Bereit! Fürs Volk? Bereit! Für die Heimat? Bereit! 

PEGIDA answers his speech with applause and salutes back. Heinz Meyer, under investigation by the Federal German Bar, thanks the neonazi functionary and declares that all patriotic forces have to join the fight. He also announces that he will be participating in ‘Der III. weg’ rallies in the future.

PEGIDA Munich marches - neonazis hold speeches
Karl Richter speaks to the demonstration.

After returning from the march through inner-city Munich, that was attempted to be blocked by antifascists, another neonazi functionary held a speech. Karl Richter, a by know well approved speaker at the local PEGIDA rallies, talks about the awful government of the city of Munich and also declares that the system will be overthrown, as it can be seen in the United States and the barely lost election of Hofer in Austria.

Heinz Meyer then finishes off with the ambiguous sentence that ‘Adolf’ should have held a speech after Statzberger and Richter, but that he will do that in a video next week. This clearly shows the direction PEGIDA Munich is heading for in the upcoming year. Even the last bystander must have realized by now: PEGIDA Munich is a weekly neonazi march through inner-city Munich.

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PEGIDA Munich marches – Neonazis mock victims of November progroms

Two days before the historical anniversary of the November pogroms and the attempted Hitler-coup PEGIDA Munich rallys in front of the historically charged Feldherrnhalle in Munich. Neonazis show up with a transparent stating ‚We are the people‘ and hold up sparkles. This is a clear reference to the pogroms where synagogues were lit. This is also a clear reference to the attempted Hitler coup where neonazis marched with torches at the exact same spot. Munich police department violently cleared their way to the PEGIDA rally, through the counter protest. During the march through the historic old town of Munich two attempted blocks by antifascists were brutally evicted. PEGIDA returned to its starting point where Karl Richter held a speech.

PEGIDA Munich – Defamation, Constraint of Freedom of Press and Lukas Bals as Moderator

Just as every Monday PEGIDA Munich gathered once again on September 31st. Only a little less then 70 had come to listen to talks by Heinz Meyer, Lukas Bals and Dan Eising. The route up and down Lindwurmstrasse was quite unspectacular – speeches held were deeply racist and slandering.

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“Drahtzieher im Hintergrund” / “Masterminds behind the scenes” (pixelated by 24mmjournalism) – defamation by Heinz Meyer and PEGIDA Munich on the screen

At the beginning of the rally Heinz Meyer projected a slate above the heads of the participants showing two pictures with the headline:

“Drahtzieher im Hintergrund” / “Masterminds behind the scenes”

The picture below “Munich” displayed a supposing activist. According to Heinz Meyer this activist orders attacks and violent offences behind the scenes. Lukas Bals continued with the defamation holding up different politicians’ faces and colleague Robert Andreasch’s face as a halloween disguise.

Lukas Bals holding up a picture of colleague Robert Andreasch’s face commenting it to be a good halloween disguise

Constraint of Freedom of Press
Rolf H. trying to block camera lens. Policeman symbolically for the behavior of Munich police departement stares in another direction.

Once again Rolf H., known for brutally attacking a colleague in Nuremberg, kept trying to prevent journalists from documenting the demonstration. Either with flags, banners or his bare hand he tried to block lenses. Dan Eising that later spoke and predicted that Angela Merkel (german chancellor), Dieter Reiter (Munich mayor) and Tobias Bezler (journalist) will equally be punished by the anger of ‚the people‘ attacked two colleagues as he left the PEGIDA area supposedly to go to the bathroom. He also encouraged the agitation of PEGIDA Munich with neonazi party ‚Der III. Weg‘.

New moderation
Lukas Bals, since last week PEGIDA Munich moderator.

Lukas Bals, known in Munich for trying to disturb a talk about the right-wing scene and attacking journalists at an AfD election party and nationally known for actions in NRW, is PEGIDA Munich’s new moderator since last week. Bals has repetively appeared at PEGIDA Munich first just participating, then serving as a marshall. His connections to the militant neonazi scene in Dortmund and reappereance accross far right events in Munich seem to make him a good candidate for the ‚job‘.

Lukas Blas, his probable partner and Chris Ares talk to police at Sendlinger Tor on November 1st.

On Tuesday night (November 1st) Lukas Bals and Chris Ares appeared at the refugee’s hunger strike to shoot a vlog according to Lukas Bals Twitter profile. Accompanied by police they left Sendlinger Tor after one hour.


PEGIDA Munich – Neonazis climb Feldherrnhalle and openly displayed Racism

As every Monday PEGIDA gathered once again on October 10th in Munich. Less then one hundred participated came together. Speeches were a mixture of openly displayed racism, confused attempts to explain that Ukrainian Church architecture is more beautiful than protestant and islamic and a relativization of Donald Trumps sexism. Furthermore a small group of neonazis was able to get into the Feldherrnhalle. Rolf H. – known for violent attacks on journalists – prevented a video-documentation of the scene. Convicted neonazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger led anti-foreign slogans. Alderman Karl Richter marched – after speaking – at the front banner.

Neonazis once again climb Feldherrnhalle
Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.
Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.

Almost exactly one year ago, a group of neonazis managed to enter the historically charged Feldhernhalle during a PEGIDA rally and shouted: ‘Hasta la vista, Antifascista’. 24mmjournalism documented the incident. The video was shown in the evening news on BR. What happened was even topic in Munich’s city council.

Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.
Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.

Almost one year later some of the same neonazis tried to stage a similar situation. Dan Eising, that has also spoken at PEGIDA Munich, Petra K. and a comrade entered the building during the rally on October 10th. Police did not prevent this even though the group’s plans were more than obvious just minutes after their arrival.  Civil police arrived relatively soon on site and guided the group off the building before they had a chance to pose. Whilst this was happening photo- and videojournalists were blocked from documenting the situation. Not by police, but by a a very well known violent PEGIDA participant. A long list of violent acts against press photographers, but as well against counter protest draws a red line through Rolf H.’s actions during rallies. Recently he was convicted in Nuremberg for giving a colleague a headbutt. He has also a journalist and is well known for preventing documentary and journalistic work during rallies with a flag. Today he pushed over a colleague and well documented in this picture blocked journalists from reaching the site of action:

Rolf H. prevents photo- and videojournalists from documenting neonazis entering the Feldhernnhalle.

Police did not intervene, but watched.

Racism and Neonazi Lead at PEGIDA Munich
At the front banner: Karl Richter
At the front banner: Karl Richter
Karl Richter BIA Munich alderman holds talk.
Karl Richter BIA Munich alderman holds talk.

This weeks speaker at PEGIDA Munich – also once again – alderman Karl Richter, that is part of the city council for the racist ‘BIA’. This so called ‘citizen’s initiative’ is run by neonazi party NPD and has preached hatred against foreigners and people seeking asylum for the past years. After his rather short speech he joined the march at the front-banner. The demonstration led to the place where Non-Citizens had held a protest camp for four weeks, before starting a protest march to Nuremberg. PEGIDA held a rally mid-way at Sendlinger Tor before marching back to Odeonsplatz. Speakers were not set up, but 24mmjournalism was still able to hear what Heinz Meyer and Karl Richter said.

PEGIDA Munich leader Heinz Meyer speaks.
PEGIDA Munich leader Heinz Meyer speaks.

Richter undermined how important it is to him that nationalist resistance ist organized, as well as the fact that the turn PEGIDA Munich has taken makes him feel very comfortable amongst the group. Heinz Meyer that earlier spoke about Ukranian church-architecture surpassing protestant or muslimic church architecture by far – which seems very confused – displayed his racism openly as rarely heard. This statement was made by Meyer, regarding refugees protesting:

‘… Ich weiß nicht, was diese Neger (sic!) hier wollen, es hat sie keiner eingeladen! …’

roughly translated:

‘… I don’t know what these niggers (sic!) are looking for here, nobody invited them! …’

This completes a picture of a PEGIDA Munich leader filled with hatred and racism once again. This also perfectly in the picture that could be witnessed during the march – as tweeted by 24mmjournalism convicted neonazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger once again took the lead today.

Convicted neonazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger taking the lead screaming anti-foreign and neonacistic slogans.

Counter protest repeatedly was blocked from getting close to the PEGIDA rally. All in all Munich does not leave a nice impression on this cold Monday October 10th.

Small Videoreport by Colleague SPICY

Protests against Unification Celebration in Dresden

On October 3rd the celebration of 26 years of german unity were held in Dresden. Motto of the celebration was ‚Building Bridges’. The celebration was characterized  by protests of very different types. Antifascists mobilized to remind people that nationalism and isolation, as Europe fortificates its borders against migrants, can not be a reason to hold a party. Neonazis and far-right groups mobilized to disturb the ceremony, as according to their opinion the german government is betraying the ‚Volk‘ and instrumentalises the so-called ‚migrants crisis‘ for populist far-right politics. After the bombing attacks just days before the ceremony and following islamist attacks across Europe one could see a high amount of security forces across the city.

Snipers, machine-pistols and concrete blocks
On October third Dresden hosts the german unification ceremony of 2016. Far right and far left groups mobilize against the party. PEGIDA disturb Merkel and Gauck leaving Frauenkirche at Neumarkt. Police is positioned on the roofs and across the city.
Sniper stationed on rooftop next to Neumarkt-

Wandering the so called ‚party-mile‘ in Dresden’s old-town an attentive visitor could easily spot the high amount of security forces on site. Snipers were stationed on the rooftops surrounding the festivities that were attended by politicians. The special forces were constantly checking the crowd of people passing by, also demonstrators against the festivities. Around the old town special police forces were also stationed on the ground. Equipped with MP-5 machine pistols policemen were standing in the streets and controlling entrances. Also private security forces were checking people entering the festivities. Concrete blocks were put onto streets and also small passages to prevent terrorist attacks as in Nizza this summer.


‚Ferries, not Frontex‘ – antifascists counter protests
Ferries not Frontex banner.
Ferries not Frontex banner.

Antifascists mobilized to remind visitors of the festivities and politicians that there are few reasons to party over the situation in Germany and Europe right now. Almost daily there are new media reports about racist attacks on refugees and so called minorities. Almost daily media reports about drowned migrants in the Mediterranean Sea or the few that barely manage to survive the flight. Far-right populist parties make use of racist stereotypes to gather new followers. Following a demonstration the night before, impressively activists displayed to visitors of the festivities how borders feel and how it feels if one cannot enjoy free movement. At 2 PM Activists blocked the Augustenbrücke that led directly to the festivities with a banner that stated:

‚Deutschland spricht von Brücken aber baut Grenzen‘

roughly translated:

‚Germany speaks about bridges, but builds borders.’

This banner referred to the motto of the celebration. Activists stopped visitors from entering the festivities. This form of protest lead to anger amongst many trying to cross the river Elbe and participate in the unification celebration. Many peaceful disturbances took place along the day. Coffins floated down the river representing people dying on boats trying to enter Europe. Activists did a ‚Die-In‘ next to the Bundeswehr. Spontaneous smaller demonstrations marched through the city. A video-message was played from the Non-Citizens’ protest at Sendlinger Tor in Munich. Many more actions took place that were collected on the website

Hatred and loud disturbance – PEGIDA, militant neonazis and AfD
Whilst AfD member speaks – neonazi with ‘HKN KRZ’ cap is greeted by comrades.

With Dresden being PEGIDA’s homezone and a strong militant neonazi scene announced protests against the festivities took place. At 9 AM the first PEGIDA followers gathered at Neumarkt to disturb the festivities. Whistles and Vuvuzelas were used. Amongst the mass: Stephane Simon, affiliated with LEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann and activists from all over Germany. Shortly after

Stephane Simon.
Stephane Simon.

24mmjournalism’s arrival to Dresden Neumarkt Stephane Simon started cussing at the team. He also repeated his announcement from his speech at PEGIDA Munich that after the soon end of the BRD ‚people like you‘ will have to leave the country like Thomas Mann did long time ago.

PEGIDAs whistling continued in front of the Semperoper. In the afternoon PEGIDA gathered close to Dresden Central Station. Götz Kubitschek announced the ‚second wave‘ is taking place from now on – referring to his manuscript. At the same time the most militant hooligans gathered with Tatjana Festering a little outside the city. Participants were wearing ‚HKN KRZ‘ caps, singer of hooligan band Kategorie C, Hannes Ostendorf, performed and many neonazi symbols were seen. An AfD city council member from Schwerin held a talk, clearly using neonazi-wording. The Identitarian movement participated in both rallies: PEGIDA Dresden and Tatjana Festerling’s demonstration at the Blaues Wunder.

Gallery of Blaues Wunder and PEGIDA disturbances in the morning:

The impression remaining: Many people from Dresden seem to have forgotten what a locked down border means. Many people participating in the rally do not see a problem to have the most militant hooligans amongst them. Lots of hatred against foreigners – and also press.