PEGIDA Munich – Neonazis climb Feldherrnhalle and openly displayed Racism

As every Monday PEGIDA gathered once again on October 10th in Munich. Less then one hundred participated came together. Speeches were a mixture of openly displayed racism, confused attempts to explain that Ukrainian Church architecture is more beautiful than protestant and islamic and a relativization of Donald Trumps sexism. Furthermore a small group of neonazis was able to get into the Feldherrnhalle. Rolf H. – known for violent attacks on journalists – prevented a video-documentation of the scene. Convicted neonazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger led anti-foreign slogans. Alderman Karl Richter marched – after speaking – at the front banner.

Neonazis once again climb Feldherrnhalle
Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.
Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.

Almost exactly one year ago, a group of neonazis managed to enter the historically charged Feldhernhalle during a PEGIDA rally and shouted: ‘Hasta la vista, Antifascista’. 24mmjournalism documented the incident. The video was shown in the evening news on BR. What happened was even topic in Munich’s city council.

Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.
Dan Eising, Petra K. and comrade climb Feldhernnhalle.

Almost one year later some of the same neonazis tried to stage a similar situation. Dan Eising, that has also spoken at PEGIDA Munich, Petra K. and a comrade entered the building during the rally on October 10th. Police did not prevent this even though the group’s plans were more than obvious just minutes after their arrival.  Civil police arrived relatively soon on site and guided the group off the building before they had a chance to pose. Whilst this was happening photo- and videojournalists were blocked from documenting the situation. Not by police, but by a a very well known violent PEGIDA participant. A long list of violent acts against press photographers, but as well against counter protest draws a red line through Rolf H.’s actions during rallies. Recently he was convicted in Nuremberg for giving a colleague a headbutt. He has also a journalist and is well known for preventing documentary and journalistic work during rallies with a flag. Today he pushed over a colleague and well documented in this picture blocked journalists from reaching the site of action:

Rolf H. prevents photo- and videojournalists from documenting neonazis entering the Feldhernnhalle.

Police did not intervene, but watched.

Racism and Neonazi Lead at PEGIDA Munich
At the front banner: Karl Richter
At the front banner: Karl Richter
Karl Richter BIA Munich alderman holds talk.
Karl Richter BIA Munich alderman holds talk.

This weeks speaker at PEGIDA Munich – also once again – alderman Karl Richter, that is part of the city council for the racist ‘BIA’. This so called ‘citizen’s initiative’ is run by neonazi party NPD and has preached hatred against foreigners and people seeking asylum for the past years. After his rather short speech he joined the march at the front-banner. The demonstration led to the place where Non-Citizens had held a protest camp for four weeks, before starting a protest march to Nuremberg. PEGIDA held a rally mid-way at Sendlinger Tor before marching back to Odeonsplatz. Speakers were not set up, but 24mmjournalism was still able to hear what Heinz Meyer and Karl Richter said.

PEGIDA Munich leader Heinz Meyer speaks.
PEGIDA Munich leader Heinz Meyer speaks.

Richter undermined how important it is to him that nationalist resistance ist organized, as well as the fact that the turn PEGIDA Munich has taken makes him feel very comfortable amongst the group. Heinz Meyer that earlier spoke about Ukranian church-architecture surpassing protestant or muslimic church architecture by far – which seems very confused – displayed his racism openly as rarely heard. This statement was made by Meyer, regarding refugees protesting:

‘… Ich weiß nicht, was diese Neger (sic!) hier wollen, es hat sie keiner eingeladen! …’

roughly translated:

‘… I don’t know what these niggers (sic!) are looking for here, nobody invited them! …’

This completes a picture of a PEGIDA Munich leader filled with hatred and racism once again. This also perfectly in the picture that could be witnessed during the march – as tweeted by 24mmjournalism convicted neonazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger once again took the lead today.

Convicted neonazi terrorist Karl-Heinz Statzberger taking the lead screaming anti-foreign and neonacistic slogans.

Counter protest repeatedly was blocked from getting close to the PEGIDA rally. All in all Munich does not leave a nice impression on this cold Monday October 10th.

Small Videoreport by Colleague SPICY

PEGIDA Munich – Tatjana Festerling visits Munich [Picture Gallery]

PEGIDA Munich marches once again on August 1st 2016. Tatjana Festerling that made it to newspapers recently for travelling to European borders and going after refugees visited the Munich branch of the racist movement. Her speech in Munich was deeply filled with hatred e.g. she demanded that “…the autochtonal inhabitants of Germany should weaponize themselves as much as possible…” and also said refugees are conducting a genocide of the german “Volk”. Dan Eising affiliated with “Die Rechte” was in charge as PEGIDA marshall during the march. On Monday night this article was published in local newspaper Münchner Merkur. The Bavarian minister of the interior warns that right wing extremists aew taking the lead at PEGIDA. Festerling speaking and Dan Eising as marshall are just two more examples that neo-nazis, racists and antisemits are warmly welcome at PEGIDA Munich.
During the small march through old-town Munich the route was blocked by more than 50 antifascists near Isartor. After police violence errupting two weeks ago today Munich police departement guided PEGIDA by the roadblock. Some activists tried to set up a second roadblock. Riot police officers violently pushed against the group from all sides shouting and screaming “calm down”. The racists march by then already passed for a while.

PEGIDA Munich – brutal roadblock eviction and Antifa Reisen GmbH

On Monday the local PEGIDA branch marched once again through inner-city Munich. The racist group seems to be losing followers. This Monday the amount of participant has reduced further.

NPD and marshal with criminal record
NPD activist and neo-nazi/used-to-be antifa Lukas Bals serving as marshal hold talk.

As usual amongst the participants: NPD functionaries posing for cameras, neo-nazi Lukas Bals from Dortmund – serving as a PEGIDA marshal and other far right extremists. Bals has conducted violent attacks on antifacist activists in the Cologne area in the past:
Surprising that he is approved as a PEGIDA marshal since he has a criminal record.

After the racist march started antifacist counter protestors tried to block the route. USK riot police forces started brutally evicting the tried roadblock. One officer (seen in picture below) dragged a young man of the street pulling him only on his head. After fast intervention of riot police, PEGIDA was able to march undisturbed passed the block on the assigned route back to Odeonsplatz.

Antifa Reisen GmbH

Heinz Meyer presented a video at the final rally displaying ‘researches’ about buses that departed from Munich on Saturday at 2 A.M. that according to him traveled to Stuttgart to participate in Protests against Meeting of AfD. No people could be identified from the video. Heinz Meyer subtitled his video with “Reisebus der Firma Antifa Reise GmbH”.


AfD Munich holds rally on Odeonsplatz

The right-wing party AfD held a rally on Odeonsplatz Munich today. Party functionaries held speeches demanding more security in times of terror threats for Munich.  Neonazis and PEGIDA members joined the rally. Press photographers were attacked and threatened by participants.

Picture Gallery:

PEGIDA Munich marches – board-member suspect in terror investigation – freedom of press restricted

Yesterday local newspaper Münchner Merkur published an article – with picture taken by me – reporting PEGIDA board-member and co-founder of PEGIDA Munich e.V. Heinz M. is suspect in a counter-terrorism investigation. Last night between 200 and 300 had come to demonstrate against the “islamisation” of Munich and refugees. Amongst PEGIDA demonstrators once again was the convicted neo-nazi terrorist Thomas Schatt, with him Ramazan S. – known from the turkish ultranationalist demonstration – and Petra K. that has attacked counter demonstrators before.

As the demonstration started police tried to keep pressphotographers out of the PEGIDA cage – to “not provoke” PEGIDA members. After some discussion and 15 minutes later colleagues and me were guided in, accompanied by police. Due to this fact I was not able to document the terror suspect Heinz M. that held a speech first also commenting on the investigations against him. As colleagues and I were standing by the crowd of racists, Thomas Schatt, Ramazan S. and Petra K. followed by some eager PEGIDA members kept walking up to us, getting very close, shouting at us and trying to convince police to kick us out of the PEGIDA cage. After some argueing police pushed back the pesterers. PEGIDA then started its march through the inner city of Munich – chanting: “Wir sind das Volk!”

The march through the city stayed relatively calm.

Back at Odeonsplatz absurd things happened:
As twittered by local politician Dominik Krause, a colleague got reported to police for supposedly hurting terror suspect Heinz M. by triggering his flash.

For weeks the situation for photographers at PEGIDA has been getting worse. Not being able to document from inside the cage how convicted neonazis stand in front of the historically charged Feldhernnhalle. Being attacked by PEGIDA members with flags and police telling to “not provoke” by taking pictures. Is this the end to freedom of press in Munich? Is it not possible for photographers to take pictures without being harassed and reported to police for triggering a flash due to the darkness?
My small set of pictures for last night:

Available as usual on Demotix –

PEGIDA Munich marches -once again- together with convicted neonazi terrorists

After months of summer break and PEGIDA not showing up on announced sites, for the second time in september 2015, the regional branch of the racist PEGIDA movement from Dresden marched through Munich. After the city tried to stop the racists from passing by historically charged buildings – which is usually granted by law – the “PEGIDA München e.V.” won in front of a regional court the right to march on its ancestors trails. As twittered after – at the most – 1 hour a member of PEGIDA was taken in custody due to supposedly showing the forbidden “Hitler-Gruß”.

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Antifacist protestors block together with local political party members the road at historically charged Königsplatz in Munich.
Antifascist protestors block together with local political party members the road at historically charged Königsplatz in Munich.

The PEGIDA rally did not get very far though – a group of approximately 100 counter protestors blocked the road at the end of Königsplatz. Police asked them to remove themselves from the street – but then decided to guide PEGIDA around through a little gap on the sidewalk. As usual riot police officers where only watching the block instead of separating PEGIDA members from antifascist protestors. Only facing the block police officers did not see Ramazan S. – member of Brigade Giesing (neonazi/hooligan association) run up to the blockade and kick inside. Only one civil police officer stood right next to him – sending him back into the racist mob (as to be seen on this picture) instead of arresting the neonazi immediately. Ramazan S. has been noticed attacking photographers and counter protest before.

Ramazan S. with Petra K. - and a civil police officer - seconds after the attack on counter protestors.
Ramazan S. with Petra K. – and a civil police officer – seconds after the attack on counter protestors.

(Sorry for the blurry picture at the same moment a riot police officer was shouting at me for supposingly taking portrait pictures of “his” officers.)

PEGIDA then walked relatively undisturbed up to the Odeonsplatz – the historical place for SS members to pledge allegiance to Nazi-Germany and Hitler himself. For the second time a colleague was kicked out – trying to document neonazis standing where their ideological leaders formerly held rallies.

(The same collegue stayed calm the whole evening – always trying to avoid contact to PEGIDA members – even though Rolf Hecht, member of the party “Die Freiheit”, followed him around for at least one hour)

All in all it has to be stated: The Munich police uses more time on watching peaceful counter protestors and restricting press work – instead of watching neonazi terrorist joining a racist rally through Munich deeply historically charged quarters.

To conclude my report on last night – a collection of my pictures – most of them can be bought for commercial and editorial usage on DEMOTIX.

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PEGIDA Munich marches again – rallies against refugees

After quite a while PEGIDA Munich marched again. The same round about 100 racists as weeks ago gathered to hold their counter-refugee and racist march through the city center. This week the city allowed them a route that was denied before due to it’s historic meaning. From the Stieglmaierplatz PEGIDA marched over the Königsplatz (former headquarters of the NSDAP) and finished their “walk” at Odeonsplatz. All of those are known for their historic connection to the national-socialistic regime.

As remarked in the map the Munich Police forces showed a strange treatment of members of the press: More then once photographers where pushed and shouted at to leave, without even being told to be in a “no-go area”. USK police forces (riot police) acted highly aggressive. At the final speech the press was completely excluded from the PEGIDA cage. Well not all of the press, the Munich police capitulated to PEGIDAs hatred on the “mass media” and the strange relation to RussiaToday – being marked as “PEGIDA press” a RussiaToday filmteam was allowed to wander through the mass of racists. Freedom of press – not obtained.

Here are some of my pictures:

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