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PEGIDA Fuerth fails – counter-protest outnumbers demonstration by far

On Thursday July 7th the Nuremberg branch of the racist PEGIDA movement gathered in Fürth. Only a little more then 50 people came to take part in the rally – the counter-demonstration attracted more then 600 people. Neonazi Dan Eising, “Die Rechte” showed up in company of local neonazi comrades with a self-printed “press ID”. Surprisingly police let Dan Eising pass at first without problems, even though the “Press ID” was clearly self-made. After colleagues talked to the press official on site, Dan Eising was first taken into custody and the fake ID was scanned. Then minutes later Eising could continue his “work”. This is especially delicate because Eising has tried to sneak into antifascist structures in Nuremberg before to investigate: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/137080

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Neonazis mock victims of NSU in Nuremberg

As A.I.D.A reported, the Facebook page ‘Nürnberg gegen Antifa’s’ shared a picture recently showing three people urinating against the memorial for victims killed by the NSU.
As I stopped by the memorial today I found excrements spread over the stele, as well as hand and footprints. All of this must have happened over night.

Pictures of the stele