PEGIDA Munich March 6th – Spraypainted Swastika & Thirteen Arrests

On March 6th the Munich branch of the racist PEGIDA movement gathered for a rally on Karlsplatz, Status in the city-center of Munich. Only 40 participants had come to join the protest. PEGIDA Munich has already shown in the past that they have no problem with confessing neo-nazis amongst them. A swastika was freshly spray-painted only a few meters off the demonstration. Opponents were arrested for approaching a group of neo-nazis standing a little off the rally.

Thirteen Arrests

Minutes after the PEGIDA rally began a group of neo-nazis that attend the demonstrations on a very regular basis showed up. Instead of joining the rally surrounded by a cage the group stood a little off. Soon the neo-nazis were discovered by counter-protestors. Those then approached with banners and shouted slogans. As the groups got into contact three of the neo-nazis pushed into the banners. Police forces intervened. Thirteen opponents were arrested and charged with breach of the peace. The neo-nazis were accompanied to the PEGIDA rally. This is especially precarious because members of exact this group have run into counter-protests of PEGIDA with banners several time. This led to clashes.

Freshly Spraypainted Swastika

Just minutes later two journalists discovered a freshly spray-painted swastika near were the neo-nazi group stood earlier. The paint was still wet. After reporting this to police officers standing by the two journalists were searched for spray cans. In a later given statement by press officer Markus Da Gloria Martins this lead to a discharge of the two. The swastika was later-on removed. During the same time the group of neo-nazis participated in the rally. Only one hour later two of them were controlled. If this search and interrogation is in connection to the clash or the spray-painting is unknown.

Short reportage about March 6th at PEGIDA Munich

All in all a freshly spray-painted symbol of hatred close to a PEGIDA rally seems very revealing.

PEGIDA Munich marches – Neonazis mock victims of November progroms

Two days before the historical anniversary of the November pogroms and the attempted Hitler-coup PEGIDA Munich rallys in front of the historically charged Feldherrnhalle in Munich. Neonazis show up with a transparent stating ‚We are the people‘ and hold up sparkles. This is a clear reference to the pogroms where synagogues were lit. This is also a clear reference to the attempted Hitler coup where neonazis marched with torches at the exact same spot. Munich police department violently cleared their way to the PEGIDA rally, through the counter protest. During the march through the historic old town of Munich two attempted blocks by antifascists were brutally evicted. PEGIDA returned to its starting point where Karl Richter held a speech.

PEGIDA Munich – Tatjana Festerling visits Munich [Picture Gallery]

PEGIDA Munich marches once again on August 1st 2016. Tatjana Festerling that made it to newspapers recently for travelling to European borders and going after refugees visited the Munich branch of the racist movement. Her speech in Munich was deeply filled with hatred e.g. she demanded that “…the autochtonal inhabitants of Germany should weaponize themselves as much as possible…” and also said refugees are conducting a genocide of the german “Volk”. Dan Eising affiliated with “Die Rechte” was in charge as PEGIDA marshall during the march. On Monday night this article was published in local newspaper Münchner Merkur. The Bavarian minister of the interior warns that right wing extremists aew taking the lead at PEGIDA. Festerling speaking and Dan Eising as marshall are just two more examples that neo-nazis, racists and antisemits are warmly welcome at PEGIDA Munich.
During the small march through old-town Munich the route was blocked by more than 50 antifascists near Isartor. After police violence errupting two weeks ago today Munich police departement guided PEGIDA by the roadblock. Some activists tried to set up a second roadblock. Riot police officers violently pushed against the group from all sides shouting and screaming “calm down”. The racists march by then already passed for a while.

PEGIDA starts marching again – police violence errupts

After a longer break due to legal issues with the city of Munich PEGIDA marched again on Monday July 18th. The rally started with speaks at Odeonsplatz. At the most 150 participants had come to join the ‘new beginning’. Heinz Meyer opened the rally with the words:

“Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland!” – Heinz Meyer, PEGIDA July 18th
(“Islam does not belong to Germany!”)

Stephano Simon preaches hatred


A “highlight” of the rally was speaker Stephane Simon that had the opportunity to insult, scream and spread his hate twice during the rally. He kept repeating that he is homosexual and that he found some of the counter-protestors quite sweet and would not have touched them as hard as police officers did. Especially delicate: Stephane Simon used to be a federal police officer. More information on his person and former statements in this article: (sorry for the anti-feminist link, but they enlist information about Stephane Simon)
A very remarkable statement by Simon in his first speach was that as soon as “people like him reign” all the people demonstrating against PEGIDA will become refugees.

 In his second speech Simon tried to analyze the attempted coup in Turkey. This ended in screaming, shouting at counter-protestors via microphone and insulting people such as chancellor Angela Merkel and counter-protestors standing near the fence around Odeonsplatz

Dynamo Dresden Hool, III. Weg, BIA and Die Rechte

As usual neo-nazis were on site. Petra K. affiliated with neo-nazi party III.Weg showed up in company of Dan Eising that recently took pictures of counter-protestors in Fürth with a self-printed press ID. Other participants were wearing far right symbols such as a button of the “Europäische Aktion” and the “BIA”. Along with the group was a very aggressive hool from Dresden shouting at journalists and insulting counter-protestors. Munich police departement allowed the group to leave the PEGIDA cage and wander around counter-protest. In the past this has lead to violent attacks.

March and police violence

As the racist mob started walking antifascist activists set up a roadblock. Riot police forces immediately started pulling people off the streets. After one group was thrown onto the sidewalk a policeman punched a girl in the face. According to reports her nose is broken and she had to be treated by an ambulance. A riot force paramedic participated in the eviction. Instead of helping hurt people he dragged antifascists off the streets and pushed them into a backyard.

Video of the probably unlawful eviction:

Two more small roadblocks were set up on the route. PEGIDA was able to march with hardly any stops. Up until  11:30 PM PEGIDA was showing videos on Odeonsplatz, but not really rallying. According to reports only few participants stayed that long and were just eating popcorn.

Full picture gallery

PEGIDA Marches through Stormy Munich as Citizens Block Road

As almost every Monday for the past year the racist PEGIDA Munich  movement (ca 100 people) gathered on Odeonsplatz once again November 30th. In general the march was equal to everything seen in the past year. Rolf H. annoying photographers with his flag – getting dangerously close to peoples faces – “besorgte Bürger” [roughly: worried citizens] and convicted neo-nazi terrorists with their followers rallying through the city – new was the ability for a group of neo-nazis to sit down in a big Munich restaurant to have a drink.

PEGIDA board-member tries to gather personal information of journalists
Heinz M. – suspect of anti-terror investigations and PEGIDA board member – tried to gather private information of journalists on site. When colleagues walked into the cage Heinz M. walked up to the entrance and requested to see press ID cards. As neo-nazis are outing “left-wing photographers” on a recently popped up Facebook page the question arises how far Heinz M. is involved in this process. The Munich Police Department press spokesman intervened and pushed back the shouting PEGIDA board member.

Grey wolves/PEGIDA/Die Rechte activist takes pictures of counter protest
Ramazan S. has newly developed the habit not only to take pictures of counter-protest with his smartphone, but to systematically search the mass of counter protest and take portrait pictures of what he suspects to be neo-nazi opponents.

Munich citizens block Schellingstrasse

Shortly after the PEGIDA route turned away from Ludwigsstrasse into the smaller streets of the Maxvorstadt quarter approximately 30 Munich citizens sat down to block the road. Police carried two persons from one side of the roadblock to the other and PEGIDA was able to pass. One PEGIDA marshall could not hold back his anger about counter-protest. Instead of guiding the PEGIDA mob past the roadblock and preventing tensions, he insulted citizens blocking the road and showed them his middlefinger.

Little gallery of the situation at the roadblock:

Neo-nazis hang around in inner city after PEGIDA and get to drink beer at one of Munich’s biggest Augustiner restaurants

As Neonazis such as Petra K., convicted neo-nazi terrorist Thomas Schatt, Ramazan S. and company left the PEGIDA site, the group tried to get close to Feldherrnhalle once more. Munich riot police then accompanied the group away from Odeonsplatz – learning from the events of the past few weeks.

Activists that were later on on-site reported:

The group entered the “Bratwurst Glöckl” restaurant. Riot police was still watching the group. The neo-nazis started throwing things out of the first floor window. Rumors have it that somebody informed the landlord of the small restaurant – the group got kicked out just minutes later. Riot police accompanied the group a little further around and then left telling people on site that there is a bank robbery going on and their presence is needed there more importantly. A group of violent neo-nazis – people amongst them kicking in road blocks & escalating the situation on November 9th- was left straying through the inner city of Munich in a mood as they were not able to drink a beer in their chosen restaurant. Just minutes later the neo-nazis found a place to have food and drink beer:
One of Munich biggest Augustiner restaurants.
The restaurants seems not to support the movement by Munich landlords and restaurant owners “Kein Bier für Nazis“. The landlord was – according to a source on site – told more then once that convicted neo-nazi terrorists were drinking beer in his restaurant. According to the source on site his answer was only that as long as the group does not misbehave he can not do anything about it. No reaction whatsoever – the group was able to have a drink in this world-famous “Bierhalle”.

Some gathered impressions:

PEGIDA marches – Neonazis enter historically charged Feldherrnhalle

Last night PEGIDA Munich gathered once again. The Münchner Merkur just hours earlier reported that not only Hein M. is suspect in a counter-terrorism investigation, according to SPIEGEL he also searched contact with Martin Wiese, convicted for the planned bombing on the synagogue in 2003. Still PEGIDA Munich now newly tries to prevent being seen as neonazis – some examples from last night:

As the rally began there was a member (that has been appearing on scene with a new flag weekly) carrying a Reichskriegsflagge (

Reichskriegsflagge – in the middle of PEGIDA rally at Odeonsplatz.

The then very angry protestor was kicked out – PEGIDA does not want him marching with them, as long as he carries this flag.
One main problem: Not carrying this flag does not change this man’s political perspective, this is not a clear distancing from far right extremists.

As PEGIDA marched, Peter Meidl, known from “Die Rechte Rosenheim” and known for posing in front of cameras, was told to not march first row. He said in Freising: “My name is Peter MEidl and I am a proud neo-nazi.”

Banning him in the back rows is not at all a distancing from neonazi activists or neonazism itslef.

On site there was a NPD transparent as well as neo-nazi Roland Wuttke. Wuttke is known for cooperating with every neo-nazi group there is.

During the PEGIDA march some of the 250 members tried to blind press members by using strong LED flashlights against photographers. The march was quite unspectacular, but what happened back at the Odeonsplatz was unbelievable. A group of fourteen neonazis (that applauded as a speaker made a comment about corrupt nazi judges making the holocaust possible) amongst them convicted terrorists Thomas Schatt and Karl-Heinz Statzberger left the PEGIDA Munich cage with very few Police company. They walked across the street and went up the stairs of the historically charged Feldherrnhalle. As seen on this picture Hitler stood where the neonazis positioned themselves. They then shouted: “Hasta la vista – antifacista!” One of them lifting his right arm with a fist and putting his other hand on his heart. Amongst them also Ramazan S.

Video of what happened:

Then the neo-nazis where able to walk off without police caring. USK riot police stood by all of this and ignored what happened.

My collected pictures from last night:

Pictures are available here:

PEGIDA Munich marches -once again- together with convicted neonazi terrorists

After months of summer break and PEGIDA not showing up on announced sites, for the second time in september 2015, the regional branch of the racist PEGIDA movement from Dresden marched through Munich. After the city tried to stop the racists from passing by historically charged buildings – which is usually granted by law – the “PEGIDA München e.V.” won in front of a regional court the right to march on its ancestors trails. As twittered after – at the most – 1 hour a member of PEGIDA was taken in custody due to supposedly showing the forbidden “Hitler-Gruß”.

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Antifacist protestors block together with local political party members the road at historically charged Königsplatz in Munich.
Antifascist protestors block together with local political party members the road at historically charged Königsplatz in Munich.

The PEGIDA rally did not get very far though – a group of approximately 100 counter protestors blocked the road at the end of Königsplatz. Police asked them to remove themselves from the street – but then decided to guide PEGIDA around through a little gap on the sidewalk. As usual riot police officers where only watching the block instead of separating PEGIDA members from antifascist protestors. Only facing the block police officers did not see Ramazan S. – member of Brigade Giesing (neonazi/hooligan association) run up to the blockade and kick inside. Only one civil police officer stood right next to him – sending him back into the racist mob (as to be seen on this picture) instead of arresting the neonazi immediately. Ramazan S. has been noticed attacking photographers and counter protest before.

Ramazan S. with Petra K. - and a civil police officer - seconds after the attack on counter protestors.
Ramazan S. with Petra K. – and a civil police officer – seconds after the attack on counter protestors.

(Sorry for the blurry picture at the same moment a riot police officer was shouting at me for supposingly taking portrait pictures of “his” officers.)

PEGIDA then walked relatively undisturbed up to the Odeonsplatz – the historical place for SS members to pledge allegiance to Nazi-Germany and Hitler himself. For the second time a colleague was kicked out – trying to document neonazis standing where their ideological leaders formerly held rallies.

(The same collegue stayed calm the whole evening – always trying to avoid contact to PEGIDA members – even though Rolf Hecht, member of the party “Die Freiheit”, followed him around for at least one hour)

All in all it has to be stated: The Munich police uses more time on watching peaceful counter protestors and restricting press work – instead of watching neonazi terrorist joining a racist rally through Munich deeply historically charged quarters.

To conclude my report on last night – a collection of my pictures – most of them can be bought for commercial and editorial usage on DEMOTIX.

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PEGIDA Munich marches again – rallies against refugees

After quite a while PEGIDA Munich marched again. The same round about 100 racists as weeks ago gathered to hold their counter-refugee and racist march through the city center. This week the city allowed them a route that was denied before due to it’s historic meaning. From the Stieglmaierplatz PEGIDA marched over the Königsplatz (former headquarters of the NSDAP) and finished their “walk” at Odeonsplatz. All of those are known for their historic connection to the national-socialistic regime.

As remarked in the map the Munich Police forces showed a strange treatment of members of the press: More then once photographers where pushed and shouted at to leave, without even being told to be in a “no-go area”. USK police forces (riot police) acted highly aggressive. At the final speech the press was completely excluded from the PEGIDA cage. Well not all of the press, the Munich police capitulated to PEGIDAs hatred on the “mass media” and the strange relation to RussiaToday – being marked as “PEGIDA press” a RussiaToday filmteam was allowed to wander through the mass of racists. Freedom of press – not obtained.

Here are some of my pictures:

More of my pictures can be found (and purchased) on Demotix:

Refugees arriving with the “Train of Hope” in Munich

As I mentioned in my last post I am back in Munich and getting back on reporting about the refugee situation. Almost one year ago I held the following interviews with refugees holding a hunger strike on Sendlinger Tor to draw attention on the bad situation of refugees in Munich/Europe:

Now the situation of refugees arriving as well as the ones awaiting a decision about their application to stay in Germany keeps getting worse. During the last three days about 3000 refugees arrived at Munich central station. The humanitarian support by the citizens of Munich is unbelievable – food, cover from the rain that started today, clothing, toys and all that is needed. A huge problem is neo-nazis using the situation to threaten arriving refugees. Mentioned on twitter by a collegue:

I will keep visiting and documenting the refugee situation at Munich central station as I did at Sendlinger Tor. Just some few impressions from last night:

NPD in Freising

On Saturday the “National Party of Germany” held a demonstration in Freising – close to Munich.

As I mentioned on Twitter the most spectacular event was Peter Meidl shouting “Ich bin stolz ein Neonazi zu sein” into the microphone during his speech :

The speeches were full of antisemitism and hatred against the US.

My pictures of this quite unspectacular event: