Neonazis march through Hesse town of Büdingen lead by Melanie Dittmer

Yesterday approximately 100 neonazis marched through the small Hesse town of Büdingen near Frankfurt. Melanie Dittmer – neonazi multifunctionary – called for the demonstration to supposively help the town against the ‘uncontrolled influx of asylum seekers‘. Heavy rain was kicking in as the nazis started their march through the city. At least 800 counter protestors showed their mischief about the march. Alongside of the route antifacist activists trying to prevent the nazis from marching ended up in smaller clashes with Hesse riot police forces. The self claimed ‚nationalist front‘ marched through the small town preaching antisemistism, racism and neonazism. Speakers were Dan Eising (Die Rechte Nuremberg) and regional Hesse as well as NRW NPD functionaries.



PEGIDA Munich 01-25-16 – Identitarian Movement Joins With Banner

PEGIDA Munich gathered for their weekly march through inner city Munich yesterday. Approximately 250 had come to join the racist movement’s protest.

New compared to the last weeks:

Correction: The flag waved yesterday was a Prussian War flag – but the same participant already carried an Imperial War Flag some weeks ago at PEGIDA:

  • A banner of the “Identitarian Movement” was carried right next the front banner – for more informations about this far right movement:
  • The screening of the sexist and racist video “Schlampen Barbie” (translated: Barbie-slut) – that I am not going to link in this blog. Roughly described the video corroborated racist resentments regarding refugees and people arriving in Germany.

Photo-report about the march last night:

PEGIDA Munich marches through freezing cold Munich

As every Monday the racist PEGIDA movement gathered once again last night. Approximately 300 came to join the “constant, minimal protest” as PEGIDA Munich called it itself – amongst the mass: Neo-nazis and people openly displaying their hatred against refugees.

New were even more openly far-right radical shouts by the demonstrators and counter-protestors on site reported a woman was showing a hitler salute for minutes and nobody stepped in.

My photo-report of last night:

Neonazis march in Leipzig Südvorstadt – Violence Erupts

On December 12th neonazis wanted to march through the alternative neighborhood of Leipzig Connewitz. The city of Leipzig denied the desired route. Instead the neonazis were moved a little more north into the Südvorstadt. All in all the neonazi route was 575m long. Antifacist activists announced to “Keep Connewitz red!”.
Just before the far right demonstration started marching a group of approximately 40 left activists tried to block the route. Saxonian police forces removed the road block. Only minutes later violent clashes between police forces and left activists broke out some blocks away from the neonazi marching route. Police tried to block a road leading to the neonazi route. Stones were flying just seconds later. Police fired first huge amount of tear gas – this basically continued for the whole day.

Police Violence

Unbelievable was the police violence yesterday. After the first clashes police ran into the mass of left activists and beat up a person until he fainted and was laying on the floor. As he laid there fainted a riot police officer kneed on his back and handcuffed him with cable ties. As colleagues and I witnessed the situation we asked police officers to call an ambulance – the harsh answer was: “We take care of this – mind your own business!”. My colleague then dialed the emergency hotline and ordered an ambulance. While he was doing that riot police officers tried to push us away. As the beaten up person was laying on the floor with epileptic seizures still in cable ties my colleague rushed through and gave first aid until the ambulance arrived.
Violent beatings by police officers also on peaceful anti-nazi demonstrators continued the whole day. Police write in their report about 69 hurt officers  – how many activists were hurt remains unclear.

Tear gas

In an unbelievable mass riot police forces started firing tear gas from the first violent riots on. Some of the officers were even launching the tear gas at face value. Police officers themselves were coughing the whole day – since they did not wear gas masks. How many of police officers were hurt by their own tear gas also remains unclear.

All in all the neonazis marched their route – with the road trying to be blocked twice – police violence and riots erupted just two blocks down the road. Rocks were flying, tear gas was launched, glas was brocken and water cannons were fired – this all also on peaceful demonstrators.

The tactic by the Saxonian police to calm down the riots can not be concluded
My impressions from #le1212:


PEGIDA Munich – photographer handcuffed

Once again I visited PEGIDA Munich to cover neo-nazi participants and capture footage for my long-term documentary about the Munich branch of the the movement founded a little more than a year ago in Dresden.
[Cover picture:]


As I entered the PEGIDA cage for the first five minutes I was able to just walk around, count participants take some wide-angle shots of the (shrinking) mass of -as they call themselves-“Spaziergänger” [roughly: hikers].  Only minutes later Rolf H. spotted me. Famous from my recently published video “Ich hab eine Fahne!” – “I have a flag”:

Rolf H. first started bothering me, walked around for minutes and then spotted a colleague and me. As we were both filming – here is the video of him bothering us and getting close-up to our cameras:

As this happened a Munich Police Departement press official approached and explained to Rolf H. that his actions were unlawful. Mr H. reaction was to block me from taking pictures few meters further away and explain loudly to the press official that I am an opponent and have to leave. In the end I stayed.

PEGIDA March Blocked 3 Times

As the last two weeks Munich citizens decided to try to block PEGIDA Munich. All three roadblocks were pushed to one side of the street. Only at the first roadblock Munich riot police officers showed their usual behavior of just brutally pulling and/or beating counter protest off the streets. At the second roadblock a Police Chief asked people to remove themselves off the street in a almost funny way – telling them that they might catch a cold sitting on the streets when the weather is this bad. Wen the third roadblock happened coordination by Munich Police Departement did not work at all. An officer was constantly telling demonstrators to remove themselves to their right side. At the same time on the counter protests right side USK riot police lined up and pushed everybody back as they tried to actually leave the roadblock. As PEGIDA passed by the third roadblock I witnessed Petra K. – known from Hooligan structures and neo-nazi marches, attacked counter-protest before – how she was openly speaking about her wish to violently attack antifacist activists:

“…einen Tritt in die Fresse … batz”
[roughly: “… kick them in the face … batz …”

Alongside with that she moved her leg as if she was kicking someone.

No violent neo-nazis at PEGIDA?

Photographer Handcuffed

As PEGIDA re-entered the “cage” a group of photographers tried to follow – police officers instructed us that it has to be enough to document the situation from outside the PEGIDA cage. As all photographers in the group have been documenting PEGIDA on a long-term basis and this has happened before we tried to discuss with the police officers and get them to call the press official. Shortly after asking for this the officers stopped reacting to anything asked and started closing the cage. I tried to document the situation. One official then ran after me tried to grab my camera shouting something like:

“… jetzt nehma dem alles weg…”
[roughly: “…now we will take all his stuff away…”

After catching up with me he explained to me that taking pictures of police officers at all is illegal. At the same time a colleague was taken into custody. Supposedly he offended police officers. He was then handcuffed which is not usual treatment for somebody offending someone else on a demonstration. As I documented the situation riot police officers issued an expulsion against me. This is also the reason why I was not able to document neo-nazis gathering in front of the Feldherrnhalle once again.


My Videoreport from Monday Evening


PEGIDA Munich – numbers persist after Paris Attacks

Only at the most 200 have come to join this weeks anti-islam rally in Munich. After PEGIDA was blocked on the historically charged date of November 9th by 3000 citizens, the “concerned citizens” assembled again to march through Inner-city Munich. Already in the beginning the numbers of counter protestors were far outnumbering the racist rally. As every week the same ones have come:

  • “concerned citizens” holding up flags for France reminding us that this is all about islam trying to infiltrate us
  • people suffering from paranoia (walking by as I take a picture of a banner and as soon as I am done they start following me around and bugging me whom I work for – usually I sarcastically answer “Mossad” or something similar)
  • Rolf H. known for attacking photographers and blocking camera lenses with his flag (it broke this time whilst using it as a weapon against an “enemy”)
  • Karl Heinz Statzberger – public figure of the far right party “Der III. Weg”, convicted neonazi terrorist
  • Thomas S. – also convicted neonazi terrorist (last time shouted at counter protestors “Fotze” [“cunt”] trying to provoke a conflict and this time constantly taking pictures of counter-protest
  • Activists from the old party “Die Freiheit” – anti-islam activists that used to make politics with Michael Stürzenberger
  • Activists from “Die Rechte”, “NPD and other far right parties

All in all it can still be concluded neo-nazis are warmly welcomed at PEGIDA Munich (“PEGIDA marshals” welcomede them once again with hugs and handshakes)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After some speeches in the beginning – focusing a lot on being blocked a week ago and marching today  – PEGIDA started at Odeonsplatz onto the little round trip around the “Hofgarten”. The participants of the march were constantly shouting: “Es gibt kein Recht auf Volksverrat!”; “Merkel muss weg!” & “Gestern Paris, morgen Berlin!”

Video from my Twitter-Timeline, also whilst passing the american consulate.

The anger of PEGIDA members not able to march last week could be felt.
Especially when getting in contact with …

Counter Protest

Counter protestors hand bananas over into the PEGIDA “cage”. One participant of the PEGIDA rally takes three and smashes them onto the concrete.

From the beginning on Munich citizens gathered around the PEGIDA cage and loudly displayed their mischief with PEGIDA trying to march again. Some counter protestors handed bananas over the cage. One PEGIDA member took three bananas and smashed them on the floor. Only minutes later Stefan S. “PEGIDA marshal” wanted to file charges against the counter protestors for throwing bananas.
Members of PEGIDA handed out spreadsheets asking people to participate in the racist marches. A counter demonstrator burned one of those.

Very small gallery of some counter protest:

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After PEGIDA started marching counter protestors organised two…


PEGIDA Munich blocked for the first time.

After 3/4 of the PEGIDA route the first roadblock was set up by citizens. Approximately 25 people sat down to show their mischief with PEGIDA. Route was blocked for 45 minutes. While riot police forces immediately were on site to film participants of the action of civil unrest and shout at them, PEGIDA had almost no police company. Taking the lead Karl Heinz Statzberger and other neo-nazis keep walking up to the block shouting “Wir sind das Volk!”.  Only 10m away from the road-block the Munich police department ist able to stop the mob. But still single PEGIDA participants are able to leave the demonstration. For example Thomas S.:pegidamuc_151115_8

The riot police forces – not realizing to have a neo-nazi terrorist standing right next to them – pushed him into counter-protest. Only one week ago in the exact same situation Thomas S. started a fight with bystanders.

Just hours after PEGIDA pictures of the roadblock appear on a neonazi Facebook-page:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-17 um 14.41.31
Screenshot of Facebook Fanpage “Gegen Linksradikalismus München”

After police threatens to remove the roadblock with immediate enforcement Munich citizens stand up and let the racist march pass.

Tensions rise after the first road block. Convicted neo-nazi terrorists take the lead shouting: “Wir sind das Volk!”

But just around the next corner in front of Feldherrnhalle the rest of the counter-protestors have formed blocks by showing civil unrest and sitting down.

Second roadblock. Approximately 400 protestors sit down and block the road for PEGIDA. PEGIDA is guided over the sidewalk into their cage. Police shows full force and brutality against counter protestors.

Police started to act unlawful – opposing what happened earlier (with talking to the blockers for three times over speakers and giving them the chance to remove themselves) riot police forces just started pushing and punching the opposing protest. I witnessed a girl with a bike being brutally pushed into the mass of counter protest – her bike was thrown over by riot police forces. As PEGIDA came closer police started to get more and more violent.
How were any of these actions lawful?

As I tried to document the unlawful situation at Odeonsplatz the interference of police with press work reached a new level.

Freedom of Press at PEGIDA Marches

A photographer was choked by riot police group leader pulling on his press ID badge. The officer then pretended the ID was faked and tried to use immediate force against the journalist and push him into the mass of counter protest. After grabbing and pushing the journalist he then took the ID out of the badge and had it filmed by colleagues. Criminal files against this group leader are to be charged in the coming days.

Also riot police forces kept telling photographers to walk at least 20 meters away from PEGIDA. As I asked them to please call the press speaker – that I could not spot in any situation I would have needed support – a USK group leader just told me [roughly translated]:

“… as I told you before keep away 20 meters from the march, and I don’t care what the press speaker told you … “

As usual also PEGIDA members blocking cameras with flags came up very close. The situation with polic officers  got even worse, compared to last week.

Collected in the following video: PEGIDA not being stopped by police marching towards road-block & oppression of freedom of press.

All in all it can still be concluded PEGIDA Munich has been shown once again that Munich citizens do not like the racist mob marching through Munich and will use civil unrest to stop them.

Heinz Meyer PEGIDA Vorstand announced at the end of the march that PEGIDA is going to march every single day from January 1st on. It will be interesting how my concerned citizens will join a daily hike through Munich.

Die Rechte neonazi party rallies in front of Munich Central Station against refugees

As two weeks ago the far right neonazi party “Die Rechte” rallied against refugees arriving in Munich. Amongst the far right protestors were plenty PEGIDA members.

The rally itself was quite unspectacular. After Victoria Grasser – member of “Die Rechte” – showed force against counter protestors two weeks ago and got taken in custody, this week Police kept showing brutal force against counter neonazi demonstrators. At least 400 citizens gathered to show the 36 neonazis that they are not, but refugees are welcome in Munich. More then once police officers ripped away banners and pushed antifacists brutally back. Some pictures collected:

Full story on Demotix: