Protest against Deportations to Afghanistan in Munich

After a massive bomb attack on the diplomatic district of Kabul, violent scenes going viral of police deporting a pupil from school in Nuremberg and protest by politicians and the public, deportations to Afghanistan have been – partially – paused since the evening of June 1st. The past two days protestors had been taking it to the streets all over Germany – and also in Munich, showing solidarity with refugees in danger of deportation.

Demonstration on Wednesday, May 31st

More then 400 people attended, of whom many were refugees themselves to stand up against deportations to Afghanistan. The event was very peaceful, only when riot-police showed up the atmosphere got worse. Also smaller scuffles with police broke out when a bystander showed a Hitler salute towards the demonstration walking down Ludwigstrasse in downtown Munich. Police arrested the bystander.

Rally by Bellevue di Monaco on June 1st

Many politicians and celebrities from Munich joined a rally in front of the ministry of education and cultural affairs on Wednesday night to especially protest against deportations out of schools – but also deportations to Afghanistan in general. Munich Hip-Hop/Brass band Moop Mama played a few songs.

“Wir” concert Munich – 25.000 attend the free festival welcoming refugees and thanking supporters

Last night the city of Munich and “Bellevue di Monaco” hosted a free concert on Königsplatz, Munich. As Dieter Reiter – Munich mayor – stated: the free concert is a unique happening to thank Munich citizens for their extraordinary help as refugees started arriving in Munich and also to welcome all refugees that made it here yet. Then Dieter Reiter himself opened the concert with the band “Dreiviertelblut” playing a song addressing all people filled with hatred against refugees and fear (such as Horst Seehofer): “mia san ned nua mia” [roughly translated: it’s not only us]

Bands play in Munich for refugees and supporters on Königsplatz for free.
Bands play in Munich for refugees and supporters on Königsplatz for free.

After that various bands and activists followed to adress people that gathered on Königsplatz – between bands a minute of silence was held to also remember every refugee that has died trying to flee to Europe. I found this minute of silence quite touching:

All together the evening showed a great sign that refugees are welcome in Munich – and as the frontman of the band “donots” stated nazis are definitly not.

Michael Mittermaier – local comedian – also commented on PEGIDA Munich’s statement about him – approving them that he is politically left oriented, but joking about them even existing.

My pictures of last night: