Subculture in the Bavarian Hinterland – Jugge Open Air 2017

If one thinks about the Bavarian ‘Hinterland’ – roughly translated outback – stereotypic pictures arise: Lederhosen and Dirndl. Beer and Cows. Mustaches. Farmers. Dialect. Sadly also – racism and scepsis towards everything that is diverse from the patriarchial-determined normality. If one takes a closer look though one can find little bastions of resistance to this normality.In what way people step up to this situation really differs – possible it is a pediatrician that organizes people against deportations or an autonomous organized youth center that brings subculture to the middle of nowhere – where there is only ‚Edge’ cellphone connection and the next gas-station a fifteenminute car ride away.
On a early summer weekend in June buddy Max Marquadt and me travelled to the Hinterland and had a blast at Jugge Open Air.

Photo by Max Marquardt
Hinterland – photo by Max Marquardt

Parking our two mini Coopers – yep we are that stereotypic journalists – we set up our basecamp and watched the setting sun. About three-hundred were camping on the grounds prepared by the organizers. Got to know our neighbors – very cool people – guys and girls from villages around Dorfen. Made friends with them pretty fast. As the light was getting better we got to work.


The stage – photo by Michael Trammer


Summed up the broad variety of music played was just vast. Reaching from singer-songwriter type music to electro-punk in carton suits every taste was met. We enjoyed some great HipHop by e.g. Johnny Rakete and Illflow. Jumped into pogo – yes with our cameras – enjoying loud angry Ska-punk sounds by e.g. Undenkbar. Or just enjoyed the sun in the afternoon listening to blues performed by the Noksyur Soksow Ensemble. The final act – Sputnik Booster – made it rumble with electro-punk and nintendo sounds. What a blast. Concerts ended every night at approximately 2 AM – but the party then continued.


Sourrounding the Center Stage organizers set up small tents for different activities- colleague Max took part in a motivation course – utterly necessary when working at a news desk. Max also retrieved the foosball table he learned playing  on when he was a little youngster-metal-head underdog. To explain Max grew up close to the youth center that organizes the event. In the past years the foosball table has been very well taken care off.  You all cannot imagine that happiness.


To really sum it up: These two days of camping and just enjoying sub-culture in a comfortable environment felt like a week of vacation. Yes this might have to do with the absence of an Internet connection and the always rushing world out there. I really recommend you to take your gang next year and join the Jugge Open Air – if there will be another one. Support those guys rocking the Hinterland with subculture.


Protest against Deportations to Afghanistan in Munich

After a massive bomb attack on the diplomatic district of Kabul, violent scenes going viral of police deporting a pupil from school in Nuremberg and protest by politicians and the public, deportations to Afghanistan have been – partially – paused since the evening of June 1st. The past two days protestors had been taking it to the streets all over Germany – and also in Munich, showing solidarity with refugees in danger of deportation.

Demonstration on Wednesday, May 31st

More then 400 people attended, of whom many were refugees themselves to stand up against deportations to Afghanistan. The event was very peaceful, only when riot-police showed up the atmosphere got worse. Also smaller scuffles with police broke out when a bystander showed a Hitler salute towards the demonstration walking down Ludwigstrasse in downtown Munich. Police arrested the bystander.

Rally by Bellevue di Monaco on June 1st

Many politicians and celebrities from Munich joined a rally in front of the ministry of education and cultural affairs on Wednesday night to especially protest against deportations out of schools – but also deportations to Afghanistan in general. Munich Hip-Hop/Brass band Moop Mama played a few songs.

Raving Iran – an experience of projection and DJ-set at Harry Klein

Raving Iran is a documentary, displaying daily problems of people that try to enjoy their lives and a little amount of freedom in the theocracy of Iran. Shot in 2014 in Teheran, Iran and at ‘Lethargy’ festival, Zurich the authenticity is unbeatable. Hidden camera cellphone material delivers never seen scenes from inside Iranian authorities, problems with publication for artists and repression imposed by the Iranian regime’s vice squad.

‘They caught me once and almost beat me to death’, Anoosh

Artists and close friends Anoosh and Arash make their way to Europe conquering all obstacles as they have the chance to perform in Zurich. Accompanying thus at Iranian underground raves and witnessing the incarceration of one on screen, touches. The movie is rounded up by a great soundtrack and leaves the viewer with a feeling of hope and despair at the same time.


Director: Susanne Regina Meures / Edit: Christoph Senn

Live-Set ‘Blade and Beard‘ at Harry Klein
Blade and Beard play amazing live set at Harry Klein club in Munich.

Sold out far in advance the event by prestigious dok.fest at techno club Harry Klein in the city centre of Munich was a great overall show. The club was stuffed with people eager to listen to the DJ-set played by Anoosh and Arash. The combination of the movie projection and seeing the DJs live in action leaves an imprint. Sound played by Anoosh and Arash or ‘Blade and Beard‘ builds up very well over time, delivers a great feeling of warmth, is topped off by strong bass and a fast beat and very few vocals. I advise anyone having a chance to see the duo in a live club near them to enjoy ‘Blade and Beard‘.

To follow Blade and Beard on their further way as DJs and check out their social media:

Violence Erupts at AfD Election Party after Spontanous Antifa Demonstration

Spontaneously antifa activists gathered to demonstrate against an election party of the AfD held due to elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. As the demonstration approached the restaurant “Portugal” in the disctrict of “Berg am Laim” in Munich where AfD gathered, known activists such as Chris Ares – a far-right rapper, Lukas Bals – already spotted with the leader of the Bavarian Afd trying to disturb a colleagues talk, Rick W. and other activists tried to stop the rally. Violence erupted as the demonstration approached. Chris Ares called out activists for fighting with him in the middle of the street. Cussing, spitting and hitting the group violently attacked the demonstration. Rick W. hit a journalist’s head as the demonstrators had already left the site. Lukas Bals spit at a journalists leaving as the situation got dangerous. Chris Ares jumped into a journalists head, and tried to kick a photographer of 24mmjournalism. Photojournalist Anne Wild documented the attacks by Chris Ares:

Picture gallery

By now [Tuesday, September 6] several newspapers have reported the incident. Chris Ares has announced to sew 24mmjournalism for publishing this pictures and taken down his Facebook page stating that he is a “Person Of Public Interest”. His private Facebook profile has been taken on- and offline several times. Only minutes after the first publication of this article Ares posted on his profile:

Screenshot “Chris Ares” private profile – September 6, 8:53 PM

This post has been edited later on more than once. By now it is deleted, as newspapers and -pages have reported about the reaction.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Die Welt
Münchner Merkur
neues deutschland
Die Zeit Online – Störungsmelder
Reflektierter Bengel
Huffington Post

AFD denies connections in Newspaper – Thugs participate in Election Party

By Tuesday September 6, an AfD spokesman has given an interview to local newspaper Abendzeitung about the thugs and the escalation in front of the restaurant. In the statement Wilfried Biedermann denies that the AfD has any connection to the persons that started beating up antifascists in front of the restaurant. Also Biedermann states that every person participating and entering the restaurant ‘Portugal’ was controlled and their ID was checked. The inside of the restaurant can be seen in a video uploaded to the party’s own YouTube-Channel AfD Television. In the video Lukas Bals, Chris Ares and another thug can be spotted:

Videoquotes from:

To prevent further vain attempts of the party to deny a connection and the thugs participation after the beatings in front of the restaurant: The videos where taken as there is already predictions about the quote AfD took in the election polls. As usually in Germany the first predictions where published a 6PM on the evening of the election. This is at least twenty minutes after the beating took place. This once more proves that the thugs participated in the election party.

Newroz festivities 2016 in Munich & Turkish nationalists march

On Friday, March 18th the Kurdish community held their traditional new-year festivities at Karlsplatz Stachus in Munich. The event was very peaceful and everybody was simply celebrating and dancing. Turkish nationalists marched at the same time from Goetheplatz to Odeonsplatz in downtown Munich, passing by the festivities in a little distance carrying signs, stating that PKK – Kurdistans Workers party – and Al Qaida are equal. No tensions between the two groups erupted. Picture galleries from Friday below:

Newroz festivities
Turkish nationalists

BDS holds talk in municipal cultural center Gasteig

On Saturday November 7th the association „Jüdisch-Palästinensiche Dialoggruppe München“ held an event in the Gasteig in Munich. The city handed over the room for this talk without demanding any rent. In a statement before the talk the chief of the city library stated that in a democratic pluralistic society the option has to be given for all parties to speak out their opinion. Someone in the audience therefore shouted: “Why don’t you give it to the NPD” (NPD = National Democratic Party / far right/neonazi party). This free of rent handover caused a reaction by Charlotte Knobloch and the event was mentioned in international newspapers. „BDS“ – boycott, divestment & sanctions – is a internationally controversial idea of boycotting products from Israel as a reaction to settlements and “the mistreatement of Palestina”.

How BDS works

The barcode on products tells the costumer the origin of the good. Every country has its own code – products from Germany for example start with 401. As Israel is the state for jewish people – but not a jewish state – the statement to boycott Israeli products tends to seems pretty equal to: „Kauft nicht bei Juden.“ – used by neonazis 77 years ago, asking german citizens to boycott jews.

The talk

Christopher Ben Kushka spoke about BDS. He is officially part of the BDS organization, so the opinions of the organization can be concluded from his talk.

First off Ben Kushka explained the principles of BDS and how BDS works. Then he started with the reasons for a boycott – which are criminal offenses against humanity, according to him. bds_110715_6From the beginning on members of the jewish community also listened to talk. Some of them brought Israel flags. Those were forced to hide the flags, and later visitors that payed for the ticket were not let in because they had an Israel flag with them. As Christopher Ben Kushka started to list the „criminal offenses against humanity“ and „UN resolutions acted on Israel“ members of the jewish community were not able to hold back anymore and started asking questions loudly about sources and about reasons for e.g. „the wall“. Amongst those members of the jewish community were survivors of concentration camps, also Marian Offman – city council member – and many others that have to cope with antisemitism in their daily lives and in history. The referent then continued after demanding people to be quiet and ignoring their questions. As he simply ignored the questions, anger started rising amongst the audience. Just minutes later people started bds_110715_8asking questions loudly once again. As one older lady could not hold back her anger he decided to call the security company serving Gasteig on her. Police also showed up. After short chaos the situation settled as Marian Offman asked over the microphone to endure this talk and then later join a discussion. Ben Kushka continued with lots of pictures from Palestine as he just arrived back from a visit. Then concluded with the names of companies that are boycotted and explained that the EU is going to enact a law forcing products from Israel to be branded which makes boycott easier. All in all the referent did not mention the Hamas a single time – topic was only what Israel is doing cruel to Palestine and how cruel the IDF is. Racism on twitter by IDF soldiers was mentioned – on the other hand Ben Kushka did not talk about antisemitsm of the Hamas at all.

More excerpts from the talk and opinions were gathered by my colleague Josef A. Preiselbauer on his blog (in german):

Discussions after the talk

As the talk was over the referent gave people the option to get a microphone handed and ask questions. Questions were answered always 3-in-1 which led to lots of questions being unanswered. One man that tried to show another view was not able to finish his talk because one of the organizers tried to rip away his microphone. Also a survivors of 5 concentration camps that fought in several Israeli wars tried to explain his opinion finishing his talk with:

„We would like to live in peace, but politics [of both sides] don’t let us.“ 


bds_110715_2Before and after demonstrators hold up Israeli flags to demonstrate their solidarity with Israel and protest against antisemitism. The protestors stayed very peaceful.  Just after the talksome were shouted at by a man that also attended the talk and physically attacked by an older man that also gave an interview to a TV station.

Grüne Jugend

Something that rather irritating: 24mmjournalism photographer Michi, was repeatedly asked by the holders of the event if he was a member of the „Grüne Jugend“ the youth organization of the ecological party. When he asked the holder of the event (that also spoke at pro-palestine demonstrations one year earlier and gave a colleague and me an interview, that was disprupted by his followers and led to a damage of my camera, corrupting the video) what the problem is with the „Grüne Jugend“ he stated:

„Das sind Arschlöcher! Anti-deutsche Arschlöcher!“

[roughly translated: they are assholes, anti-german assholes]

Also there were flyers laying around before the event. Michi took some with him (1 piece per flyer!) as sources to report about. After the talk somebody removed those. An old lady that was also holder of the event started shouting at the 24mmjournalism photographer because he was supposively the one that robbed them.

Attached is an example of the flyers that were layed out (the call for boycott of Israeli products by the palestinian community):

All impressions from the talk: