Neonazi demonstration in Plauen errupts in heavy clashes on Mayday

On Mayday approximately 700 neo-nazis rallied through Plauen for a ‘national-revolutionary working class’. At least 800 participated in a counter-demonstration. Counter-protesters were captured by police stopping the demonstration and leading to smaller clashes. Neonazis started simultaneously sending pyrotechnics into citizens protesting next to the route and police forced them to turn around. Water-cannons and teargas were used to stop the riot. The facist mob then rallied back to Upper-Plauen railroad station.


Published by

Michael Trammer

Michael Trammer is a young freelance photo- and videojournalist currently based in Munich. Picking up a camera at the age of 14, he has been striving since young age to professionalize his work in both still and moving images. His vita is filled with work in event engineering, TV magazine production, movie production as well as postproduction and social media management and marketing. In 2018 Michi finished his apprenticeship as Mediadesigner Picture and Sound at ARRI Media. Also he is founder of the page 24mmjournalism – what started as a small project to make his pictures and opinions available for the public, has by now become a team project. His personal approach and declared goal is to document the fast-moving and ever changing world around us. Protests and social movements are an often chosen way to display anger and mischief about conditions in our society. Michi tries to deliver a wide-angle picture of those, confronting the viewer with the full width of the documented incident. Do not hesitate to get in touch and check out his portfolio and his ever growing set of publications in media accross the globe!

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